N64 RGB AMP (THS7374)

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  • N64 RGB AMP (THS7374)

Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

The N64 RGB AMP (THS7374) mod kit is easy to install.

Compatibility: For early model N64 only, NUS-CPU-01 / 02 /03, with VDC-NUS or VDC-NUS A DAC

Please check here for further compatibility.


  • The THS7374 is the latest SDTV Amplifier IC from Texas Instruments.
  • Low pass filter option (enabled by default) which allows for a sharper image.
  • Please choose between NTSC or PAL cable.
  • Please choose between 75Ohm or TTL Sync

*Design credits to Borti4938.