N64 RGB Advanced

  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced
  • N64 RGB Advanced

Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

This is the most advanced RGB kit available for the Nintendo 64! Designed by borti4938, it is the only kit that can selectively output RGB, YPbPr or VGA signal. It also features an on-screen display for configuration, line-doubling and bob de-interlace!


  • Cyclone 10 LP
  • ADV7125 Video DAC
  • Detection of 240p/288p vs 480i/576i together with detection of NTSC vs PAL mode
  • Heuristic for de-blur function, de-blur in 240p/288p (horizontal resolution decreased from 640p to 320p)
  • 15 bit colour mode
  • IGR Features:
    • reset the console with the controller
    • full control of on de-blur and 15-bit mode with the controller
  • Advanced features:
    • output of RGsP or YPbPr on demand
    • line-doubling of 240p/288p video to 480p/576p including optional de-interlace of 480i/576i to 480p/576p
    • selectable scanline strength including hybrid depth
    • on-screen menu for configuration
    • JTAG connector for easy firmware updates (requires a USB blaster and adapter)

The kit comes pre-flashed with the latest version.

Compatible with all N64 models NTSC or PAL.
A compatible RGB or YPbPr cable is required. For sync, it's recommended to use the 75Ω output wired to either Luma or CSync.

Installation Instructions here

This board is designed by borti4938.

Note: Due to the fragile nature and sensitivity of electronic components, we are unable to accept returns if the kit has been opened.