NES/SNES De-jitter Kit

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  • NES/SNES De-jitter Kit

Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

This little mod kit can clear up the jittery signal that modded NES and SNES consoles give out in 240p mode. This is usually evident when you use your console with an OSSC or a Framemeister.

This kit will correct the signal transferred to your TV / OSSC / Framemeister device. This kit only works on NTSC consoles, or region-modified consoles (for example a PAL SNES console with SuperCIC).

These boards come pre-flashed, so please choose whether you want the NES or SNES version of the firmware installed.

You can also re-program them if you have the tools, as they feature a 6-pin JTAG port, so choosing a version will not lock it in that specific console.