Mega Drive / Genesis Triple Bypass V2

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  • Mega Drive / Genesis Triple Bypass V2

Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis triple bypass board V2 (3BPV2) is an RGB bypass board and audio amplifier board in one, for Mega Drive / Genesis MK1, Mega Drive 2 and Genesis 3 consoles.

This board implements two different mods in one, a high quality THS7374 video amplifier that cleans the signal and provides crisp clear pixels on your monitor (it also resolves the infamous "jailbars" issue mostly evident on Mega Drive 2 consoles), and the "Mega Amp 2" mod that cleans up the console's muffled audio (again, most notable on Mega Drive 2 consoles).

The V2 of the Triple Bypass now includes all needed configurations for all consoles, and can be set up with the use of the jumpers on the board (model instructions printed at the back of the board).
The V2 audio output has also been optimised with MDFourier to match the output of the best Model 1 Mega Drive / Genesis consoles.

Installation instructions

This board is designed by a collaboration between db_electronics, RetroRGB, Cruzlink, Artemio, Ace, MobiusStripTech, FirebrandX, Tian Feng and Bfbiii.

The 3BPV2 is Open Source Hardware. Source code and original designs can be found on the following Github repository:

Note: Due to the fragile nature and sensitivity of electronic components, we are unable to accept returns if the kit has been opened.