Mega Drive / Genesis / Master System RGB Amp

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  • Mega Drive / Genesis / Master System RGB Amp

Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

Is your Mega Drive 1, Mega Drive 2 or Sega Master System I/II suffering from jailbars? Is the RGB output too blurry and / or noisy? 

Then this kit is for you. The RGB amp, designed by Frank Strasser, is inspired by the designs of Voultar, db_electronics and the Triple Bypass. It features a great 4 channel THS7374 RGB Amp and can be set up for CSync and / or CVBS.

It also features an optional 9-pin miniDin MD2 compatible socket which you can easily fit on a Mega Drive / Genesis MK1 or Sega Master System in place of the RF unit.

Note: Due to the fragile nature and sensitivity of electronic components, we are unable to accept returns if the kit has been opened.