Internal Bluetooth (BlueRetro) Adapter for GameCube

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  • Internal Bluetooth (BlueRetro) Adapter for GameCube
  • Internal Bluetooth (BlueRetro) Adapter for GameCube
  • Internal Bluetooth (BlueRetro) Adapter for GameCube
  • Internal Bluetooth (BlueRetro) Adapter for GameCube


This custom board installs into the place of the GameCube controller board allowing for new features on the console.

BlueRetro is a high speed Bluetooth controller interface that opens retro consoles up to the plethora of modern controllers with latencies that even some wired adapters can't manage. This new board allows for the use of up to 4 connected Bluetooth controllers, and can be mixed and matched with wired controllers on any of the ports for seamless operation. 

Install Guide

User Guide


  • Up to 4 Bluetooth controllers can be paired at once.
  • Wired controllers are still usable.
  • When a wired controller is connected it the Bluetooth controllers will move to open ports automatically.
  • LEDs in each port to indicate where a controller is connected
  • Remote power control of the console via macro controls
  • Remote in game reset via macro controls
  • Easy firmware update tool that only requires a Bluetooth enabled device like a phone or computer
  • Multi-function reset button
  • Configurable button mapping using the web interface on a computer or phone
  • Replaceable socket for CR2032 (not included due to shipping limitations)
  • Simple installation requiring only screwdrivers (Gamebit 4.5mm and Philips #2)

Compatible Controllers

  • Playstation 3/4/5
  • Xbox One/SeriesX/S
  • Switch Controllers
  • 8BitDo (xinput mode)
  • Wii Controllers
  • Generic HID Bluetooth controllers
  • Bluetooth Keyboards (emulate the ASCII Keyboard Controller)

Remote Power Down

This adapter taps into the incoming power of the GameCube allowing for it to act as a power switch. Using the following button combination the system will power down. 

Left Trigger, Right Trigger, D-Pad Right, Center Button Right (Start/Option/etc) and face button down. When released at the same time the macro action will happen. 

This powers off the GameCube in the same way that the main power switch would normally power off the system. To wake it back up you just need to power the controller back on, or hit the reset button to wake the console. (Note when powered off in this manner the main power switch will not wake the console only a Bluetooth controller or the reset button will wake it back up)

Reset Button

The reset button on the console has been converted to offer new functionality based on how long you hold the button down. While it is being pressed the front ports will light up to show which state you will be enabling.

Holding for 0-3 seconds will perform the same action as on a stock console, reset.
In this state all four front port LEDs will be solid on

Holding for 4-6 seconds will disconnect all connected Bluetooth controllers 
In this state all four front port LEDs will be slowly blinking

Holding for 7-9 seconds will enable pairing mode
In this state all four front port LEDs will be blinking faster

Holding for 10 seconds or more will factory reset to the original firmware and remove any custom configs
In this state all four front port LEDs will be blinking rapidly

When the system is placed in power down mode the reset button will wake it with a single press.

If you power the system off with the main power button, and hold reset while powering on the BlueRetro adapter will be in sleep mode and will not interfere with the console use this in the event that a peripheral is not working nicely with BlueRetro

This product supports the BlueRetro project for continued support and added features as time goes on. 


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    Modernizing your Gamecube

    Posted by Alejandro Chacon on 27th Mar 2023

    This mod combined with the latest scene advances will give you fully wireless remote controller support. The mod supports the latest controllers from other devices like PS4-PS5. Additionally, you have support for remote power/reset which is brilliant combined with SD mods. I recommend this hw mod to everyone with big living rooms on which wired controller doesn't play well. The best part is that the mod doesn't change the original aspect of the gamecube.

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    It works but has quirks

    Posted by Taco on 15th Jan 2023

    Install was easy but I don't get the power rerouting. Normie controllers work from what I could try but the default map is insane. You have to use the very confusing config interface to fix A=A, B=B for switch controllers, and be careful not to hold reset too long or use the wrong button combo or it will reset. This is especially bad if you try to use a GC controller on a GBros adapter, where B=A and X=B. Ok, livable for that purpose at least but I'd take a star off for that. I bought it to use arcade sticks with wireless brook boards on GC. Well those don't work at all oops. Guess I can keep using a chain of adapters for those. Feel like this would be stronger without the BlueRetro firmware which seems more concerned with Jaguar and obscure stuff.

  • 5

    Posted by Phill on 14th Jan 2023

    Awesome easy to install bit of kit to really modernise my old Gamecube. Love it

  • 5
    Good product, slight lag compared to a wired gamepad, but that's probably unavoidable, easy to install and already configured, A+

    Posted by Gabriele Ita on 31st Dec 2022

    I only ask that software updates continue to squash any bugs that may show up