27th Mar 2020 | Posted by 8BitMods

Fenrir Compatibility List (Redump)

This is a very long compatibility list of the Redump collection (CUE/BIN) for Fenrir ODE. The games have only been tested whether they're booting or not so far. More information will be added in the future. All following games were tested on a Grey Sega Saturn VA0.5 (NTSC-J) with a Sandisk Extreme 128GB microSD card. Game Name Boots Playable Notes 3D Lemmings (JAP) Yes No Not …
15th Feb 2014

McWill's GBC LCD is coming to 8BitMods

McWill has created a great little backlit LCD display for the Game Boy Colour, that can be easily installed in your device with no soldering required at all!The new version of McWill's kit will also feature better power consumption, and it will come with a VGA kit as well (which is optional to install).We expect our stock to arrive in about two weeks, and we hope to also stock glass displays that will fit perfectly with the new display. …