Pixel Frames


Everyone at Pixel Frames understands there is more to gaming than getting a top score, defeating a rival, or saving the world. The journey to the end of the game creates a history that makes us who we are. No matter what age, background, or level of dedication, we are passionate about these scenes that bring back memories and discussions about our beloved titles. 

Our shadowboxes bring together many things that we love - nostalgia, retro gaming, and the pixels that make up those moments - down to the smallest details of their respective scenes.  We brought our ideas to various developers, publishers, and - most importantly - to the fans at various conventions, shows, and online streams.  We began the long road of developing our first frames until we finally got these frames into everyone's hands starting in 2018.  Made for gaming fans, collectors, and home-decor enthusiasts, Pixel Frames is sure to add a "bit" of nostalgia to any space in your life!