Wii Modding Service

  • Wii Modding Service

In order to place your service request order, you need to select at least one of the provided options above, unless you plan to send us the kit as well for installation.

Send in your Nintendo Wii for modding! We offer the Wii Dual mod for Nintendo Wii, that can transform your Wii's video output with high quality RGB signal, and also add a miniHDMI port that you can connect directly to your HD/UHD TV!

Before you order our service, please make sure that your Wii is compatible for this mod. The following motherboard revisions are supported:

  • RVL-CPU-40
  • RVL-CPU-50
  • RVL-CPU-60
  • RVK-CPU-01 (No Gamecube Ports)
  • RVK-CPU-02 (No Gamecube Ports)
To determine which revision you have please follow this guide: 

You can post your Wii to us, and we will install any of the provided mods for you. We will then return the console to you.