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All our cartridges are genuine, and not reproductions!


Super R-Type borrows four stages from R-Type II and adds three new ones. The game is known for its high difficulty (even compared to other games in the series), particularly because of its lack of checkpoints, since dying means restarting the level from scratch. Also, this game suffers from slowdown, which was also a problem in many early games for this system. But unlike the others Super R-Type slows down to virtual standstill when there are many things on the screen. However, this proved useful for players when there were many obstacles on screen because it was easier to avoid them.


The cart was cleaned, and tested. It is in good working order.

Please note, cartridges may have some yellowing, most notably at the back.
This is an NTSC-J Cartridge, which means that you need a Super Famicom console to play it, or the SuperCIC mod on any SNES console which you can get here! We also offer an installation service, and pre-modded consoles capable of playing games from any region.