Super Famicom Region Free Switchless (SuperCIC)

  • Super Famicom Region Free Switchless (SuperCIC)

Super Famicom console fitted with the latest Super CIC Region mod. The console will be used but in a clean state.


  • NTSC or 60HZ/ or Cartridge Region
  • Change regions easily with your controller.

Button Combinations:

  • L + R + SEL + Y --> PAL Mode
  • L + R + SEL + A --> NTSC Mode
  • L + R + SEL + B --> Cartridge Region
  • L + R + SEL + START --> Short Reset
  • L + R + SEL + X --> Long Reset


  • Non-Boxed: Console only and 1 controller
  • Boxed: Console, 2 controllers, power adapter (110v rated, will require a step-down adapter!) 

No RGB cables are included in the sale. You can get a very high quality RGB cable from here (highly recommended)

Note: Please expect the console to have some scratches, as they are used consoles. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see the exact console prior to purchasing. They will be in a similar condition to the ones pictured.

All our consoles are previously used consoles, refurbished by us. They do NOT carry the manufacturer's warranty, but our own.