Super Famicom Jr with RGB

  • Super Famicom Jr with RGB

The Super Famicom Jr is the smaller 1 Chip version of the SNES that was never released in Europe. It is - originally - an NTSC-J console. It was a cost-reduced version of the bigger Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and one main difference is that it didn't output RGB signal, although the encoder chip still supports it.

This console has been modified to output RGB with an RGB Bypass mod kit that features a high quality THS7374 filter. The result is crystal clear RGB signal.

You can also add a SuperCIC mod, which means you can play cartridges from any region (PAL and NTSC-J directly. NTSC with the use of an adapter or riser card). PLEASE NOTE you have to select the 1-CHIP option for the simple SuperCIC mod. If you select the SuperCIC AIO mod instead, it is universal and you don't need to select any options for that.

The case is original and has not been modded, as there is no need to do so with the switchless region mod. If you choose to add a SuperCIC mod kit, it will detect the cartridge's region and switch to that region and 50/60hz as required automatically. You can also control it via the controller on demand.


  • PAL or 50HZ / NTSC or 60HZ / or Cartridge Region (with SuperCIC mod)
  • Change regions easily with your controller. (with SuperCIC mod)
  • RGB output via a THS7374 bypass mod

Button Combinations For SuperCIC Mod:

  • L + R + SEL + Y --> PAL Mode
  • L + R + SEL + A --> NTSC Mode
  • L + R + SEL + B --> Cartridge Region
  • L + R + SEL + START --> Short Reset
  • L + R + SEL + X --> Long Reset

Included: No controllers, power leads or games are included. You need to use a centre negative 9v 1A power supply. The PAL SNES power supply is NOT compatible and can damage the console. No AV lead is included but we highly recommend this best quality RGB scart.

Note: Please expect the console to have some scratches, as they are used consoles. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see the exact console prior to purchasing. They will, however, be in a similar condition to the one pictured.

All our consoles are previously used consoles, refurbished by us. They do NOT carry the manufacturer's warranty, but our own.