SaturnPSU Saturn Power Supply

  • SaturnPSU Saturn Power Supply

The SaturnPSU mod is a tiny power supply mod for the Saturn that replaces the internal power supply, which originally takes 220-240v (or 110-120v for NTSC consoles).

The result is a dramatic decrease in the internal temperature of the Saturn. An external normal 12v (3a or more recommended) switching power supply is required. This way you can use your Saturn anywhere in the world, regardless what the voltage that is coming out of the mains is!

Furthermore, the kit includes a 3D printed mounting bracket for the PSU socket. These are high quality brackets 3D printed and polished for 8BitMods with SLS technology.

This kit is only compatible with the type C power supply (4 or 5 pin). These are usually found in consoles with round buttons.