Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch

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  • Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch
  • Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch
  • Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch
  • Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch
  • Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch
  • Power Bay Crimson dock for Switch

What is Power Bay Series?

Brook Power Bay, the newest masterpiece from world-famous fighting games eSports brand Brook Gaming, has been well-received by Super Smash Bros and Switch players.

Power Bay ignited enthusiastic discussions among players, by integrating GameCube controller adaptors, Bluetooth wireless connection as well as a Switch dock that supports functions such as TV mode.

Smaller, Lighter, Better
2 GameCube adapter ports and 2 USB ports built-in, allowing smash players to use their familiar GameCube controllers for zero-latency Switch gaming.
※ GC controller is the best choice from Smash Bros. players because of the lowest latency & most stable connection.

Smaller and Lighter

1/6 Size,1/3 Weight

Only 1/6 size and 1/3 weight,
Smaller but all function you need included.
Relaxing, Portable gaming experience wherever you go.


2 GameCube port built-in.

If you are a Super Smash Bros. true supporter, I think you have got the point.

Super Smash Bros. has always been a milestone for all gamers, either when you hang out with friends or have fun with family. The GameCube Controller represents the best of every happy time (cheering after winning) and touching moments (weeping after losing).

”Power Bay Series” also allow you to set the GameCube Controller to the continuous mode.

The default controller is reconized Game Cube controller.

Full HD 1080P 60FPS

For those that want to project the console screen to wider screens for multiplayer modes, DO NOT WORRY. The product also supports HDMI output with Full HD 1080p 60fps.

Won’t support HDMI output function with Switch Lite.

Up to 4K, made your mobile to be Hometheater

Furthermore, “Power Bay Series” support DP Alt-Mod for type-C devices(Android phones etc…), then you don’t need to buy the additional converter anymore.


2 USB built-in, support SWITCH accessories.

Controller, headset, expansion adapter, even Mario wheel, these two ports are enough for you to connect with multiple devices. We also put extra attention to the input stability and latency issues of the external devices when we first designed “Power Bay Series”.

Our Brook Fighting Board is well known for its exceptional “Stability” and “Low Latency” globally. Do you think we will exclude these excellent features in the new product? Absolutely not!

Versatility even unplugged

Any place could be the stage

Brook PowerBay does not require a power source to connect to GameCube controllers, switch controllers with USB ports and Bluetooth devices.

Switch TV mode required external power.

Longer play = More power

Support charging while playing. The output voltage is stable and does not damage the device.

The Switch requires max 15V power to operate normally as well as allow playing games and charging to be conducted simultaneously, the voltage required for the entire charging process of Switch is constantly changing, and both "Power Bay" and "Power Bay Crimson" have the function to adjust the voltage accordingly to protect your lovely console.

“Power Bay Series” match PD 3.0 fast-charging standards and are able to stably transmit 15V power, ensuring your Switch doesn’t go LOCO.