Mega Drive / Genesis Triple Bypass

  • Mega Drive / Genesis Triple Bypass

Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis triple bypass board is an RGB bypass board and audio amplifier board in one, for Mega Drive / Genesis MK1, Mega Drive 2 and Genesis 3 consoles.

This board implements two different mods in one, a high quality THS7374 video amplifier that cleans the signal and provides crisp clear pixels on your monitor (it also resolves the infamous "jailbars" issue mostly evident on Mega Drive 2 consoles), and the "Mega Amp 2" mod that cleans up the console's muffled audio (again, most notable on Mega Drive 2 consoles).

There are 3 different versions of the mod, depending on which audio IC you have in your console. You can choose the one you need in the drop down. Our kit comes with a 9 pin mini-din female connector that you can (optionally) install on Mega Drive / Genesis MK1 consoles so you can use the same cable as the later versions.

Installation instructions

This board is designed by db_electronics.

Note: Due to the fragile nature and sensitivity of electronic components, we are unable to accept returns if the kit has been opened.