Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition

  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition
  • Dreamcast Endgame RE Edition

This is the Dreamcast Endgame Edition. The closest you can get to owning a console in a condition as close to factory as possible. It includes all the mods we can do, in a brand new high quality reproduction shell.

More specifically, the mods that have been done in the Dreamcast Endgame Edition are:

  • Cleaned and inspected motherboard, verified to work perfectly
  • DCDigital: The DCDigital mod (original Black Dog Tech unit) has been installed for high quality 1080p digital output to any TV. This is the best output you can get from the Dreamcast, with upscaling options of 2x or hq2x
  • GDEMU 5.15b (Clone): The optical drive has been replaced with the GDEmu ODE, which allows you to back up your discs to digital images stored in an SD card, and play them without the fear of the optical drive ever giving up, or the discs failing. The GDEmu has also been linked with the DCHDMI to enable the in-game reset option, which allows you to return to the GDEmu menu with a combination on the controller.
  • PicoDreamcast: The internal 220v power supply has been replaced for a new tech DC/DC converter that runs cooler than the original. We only use original Mini-Box PicoPSU units and not lower quality clones.
  • Leicke External Power Supply: The power supply is made by Leicke, a well known German manufacturer of high quality power supplies, that guarantees conformance to regulations and supply of noise-free power to the PicoPSU and Dreamcast. It also comes in a nice velvet pouch!
  • Noctua Silent Fan: The noisy fan has been replaced with a high quality Noctua fan that runs silent and produces more airflow than the original and is super quiet.
  • New resettable controller fuse: The controller fuse can potentially blow by using many peripherals at the same time and / or hot-plugging them while the console is on. With the resettable fuse, if this happens, the fuse will automatically reset on its own after a while, while still protecting your Dreamcast
  • Purple (Ultraviolet) LED light: The power led indicator has been replaced with an awesome purple ultraviolet colour one that matches the console's theme!
  • Battery holder and new CMOS battery: The battery has been replaced by a battery holder with a brand new rechargeable battery. This allows you to easily replace it in case it runs out.
  • Brand new shell: The external shell is a brand new high quality reproduction. The Resident Evil themed shell with a fantastic Umbrella Corporation logo sticker completes the impressive look!
  • SLS 3D Printed Parts: The fan holder, lid latch and power bracket are all 3D printed using SLS technology and then polished to a fantastic finish. This results in very sturdy parts that looks almost as good as the original parts. (Please note that the GDEmu tray is 3D printed using a filament 3D printer to keep the cost a bit more realistic)
  • Retro Fighters StrikerDC Controller: Included, is a transparent red colour StrikerDC Dreamcast controller. These controllers are very impressive and much better than the original controllers! It's also fully compatible with all peripherals, such as VMUs and rumble packs!

The console comes with our own 1 year limited warranty. The box contents are:

  • 1x Dreamcast console
  • 1x miniHDMI to HDMI cable (6ft / 1.8m)
  • 1x Leicke Switching ~110v-240v AC/DC Power Supply (12v centre-positive output)
  • 1x Retro Fighters StrikerDC Red controller

In addition to the contents above, you will need the following in order to play (not included):

  • SD or microSD card with SD adapter
  • Memory unit to save games (optional)
  • Rumble pack for controller feedback (optional)