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Fenrir - How to setup your microSD Card

Tools you will need:

  • A microSD card, formatted to FAT32 with a MBR Partition Scheme
  • A microSD card USB reader (unless integrated in the computer you're using)
  • A Windows computer
  • The Fenrir.iso loader, which you can download from here (use the dev version)
  • Rufus App
  • Backups of your games, in any of the following formats: CCD/IMG, CUE/ISO, CUE/BIN

First, you need to format your SD card to FAT32. Most SD card come preformatted with exFAT, which is not supported by the Fenrir kit at the time of writing.

1. Insert the microSD card to your card reader and plug it into your computer.

2. Open your "Computer" on Windows Explorer. Make a note of your drive letter. In our case it's "I:"

3. Run the Rufus app. In the options, under device select your drive letter. Under boot selection choose "Non bootable". Make sure the partition scheme is set to MBR and under Format Options select FAT32 File System and the Default Cluster Size.

Please not that by doing so, you will erase all data already on the device.

4. When formatting is done, open the drive from the This PC area. Paste the Fenrir.iso file you downloaded earlier. Also, paste your backups to the microSD card.
The games in your microSD card must be each in their own folder. At the moment, there is no support for deep nested folder structures.
The name that will appear on the Fenrir Loader, will be the name of the folder for each game, so you can change the entry names, by simply changing the folder names.

Supported image formats are CCD/IMG, Single ISO files, CUE/ISO and CUE/BIN (single or multiple)

5. Eject the microSD card, and plug it in Fenrir. Boot your Saturn, and you should see the Fenrir Loader, with the games you've written to your microSD card.

6. You can navigate with the D-Pad on your controller. Up and Down select the previous or the next entry, and Right or Left will change through the pages. You can start a game by selecting it and pressing "A" on your controller. The Loader will quit back to the Bios menu. From there, as soon as the game is read, You can choose the "Start application" option, and the game will boot.

7. To return to the Fenrir Loader after you're finished playing a game, you have to power off your console, and then power it back on.

If you add or change the games you have in your microSD card, you will need to refresh the contents of the card in the Fenrir Loader, for these changes to take effect on the menu. There is currently a maximum of 300 games you can write in a single microSD card.

To refresh the contents of your microSD card, after changing them in your computer, you need to press the Start button on your controller, while you're in the Fenrir Loader app. You will see the options menu.

From there, you need to select "Refresh SD Content" and press the A button. Fenrir Loader will quit, and you will return to the Bios options. Click Start Application and you should be back to Fenrir Loader, with the new games parsed and visible in the menu.

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