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Fenrir FAQ & Troubleshooting

The following is a collection of frequently asked questions and general troubleshooting with Fenrir.
Before referring to this guide, please make sure you have the latest Firmware and Loader installed in your Fenrir. You can get both from this link. Instructions on how to apply the firmware can be found here.


  • What Saturn versions does Fenrir support? How can I find out my version?
    Fenrir supports all Model 1 Saturn consoles with a 20 pin drive. More specifically, these are motherboard revisions VA0, VA0.5, VA0.8, VA1. Please note some VA1 revisions come with a 21 pin drive instead of a 20 pin drive.
    In order to find out if your console has a 20 pin drive without opening it, you can look for a screw at the back, next to the power supply socket. If you see 3 screws, then it's a 20 pin VA0. If not, then you need to check that the power and reset buttons are oval in shape and not round.
    Another way to check, is to open the CD lid and look towards the back of the cd mechanism, to the gap on its right side. If you see a white ribbon cable running towards the back, then you have a 20 pin drive.
    If none of the above help, then you most likely have a VA1 console and you need to open it to make sure your drive uses a 20 pin ribbon.

  • I have a 21 pin / Model 2 Saturn. Do you plan to release a compatible Fenrir?
    Yes! Ced, the creator of Fenrir has already started working on a 21 pin version. There is no ETA yet, but you can follow him, or 8BitMods on Twitter for updates!

  • Is Fenrir compatible with Action Replay / Pseudo Kai / Memory Card / RAM Expansion 1MB / RAM Expansion 4MB / Video Card?
    Fenrir is compatible with all expansion cartridges and the MPEG Video card! For Pseudo Kai carts, you can either flash them as standard Action Replay cards in order for them to work without issues, or use the JHL loader.

  • Is Fenrir 100% compatible with the Redump set?
    We are currently going through each game and testing whether it launches, and whether it is playable. As you can understand, it is impossible for us to test each game to completion. If you do come up to a point in a game where Fenrir causes the game to crash, please do let us know by sending an email to hello@8bitmods.com. We are in the process of setting up a different way of reporting compatibility issues though, so stay tuned!
    We do plan to make Fenrir 100% compatible with the Redump set, but we also want to be 100% honest with you. While there are only a handful of games that have trouble with Fenrir, we won't declare Fenrir 100% compatible until it truly is tested by the community.

  • Does Fenrir support multi-disc games?
    Fenrir does support multi-disc games, but is unable to switch discs in-game at the moment. Therefore, games that ask you to save before switching discs, will work fine, as you can save your game, power-cycle the console and load the next disc, then load your saved game and continue. Most Saturn multi-disc games worked like this. However, there are a few games that require in-game disc switching. These games are not supported yet, but we are actively working on adding support for those, too.

  • Are there any new features being worked on, or is Fenrir feature-complete?
    Ced is working on new features for Fenrir. Some of these involve the WiFi module on the Fenrir board, which means you can expect a few of them to be "remote"! New features will arrive after we are satisfied with the general stability of the kit across all consoles.
  • Can Fenrir play games from all regions?
    Yes! Fenrir can load games from any region, without the need of setting anything. Just select your game and launch it! Fenrir auto-patches the game's region to work on your console's region.

  • Does Fenrir work on Saturns from US / EU / JAPAN / Other regions
    Yes! Fenrir works on Saturns from any region, or Saturns modified with a region-free bios, (switchless) region-free mods and 50/60Hz mods.
    If you have a region switch, you can set the console's region to the one you prefer, but you need to also set Fenrir to the same region in its settings. Fenrir's setting needs to always match your console's region, but you only need to do this once, or whenever you manually change your console's region.
    If you have a 50/60Hz mod (highly recommended) you should set the speed to the appropriate speed needed by the game. i.e. PAL games need 50Hz, while NTSC games need 60Hz. 
  • Can Fenrir automatically switch the console's speed? (50/60Hz)
    No, you will need a separate mod for this.
  • Do I need a different power supply to install Fenrir?
    No, you absolutely do not. The standard power supply inside your console will do just fine if it still works. One simple rule applies: if it worked for your CD Rom drive, it will work for Fenrir.
  • Will the activity LED on my Saturn work with Fenrir?
    Unfortunately not. Fenrir does not output an activity signal to the console.
  • What are the image types supported by Fenrir?
    Fenrir supports the following image types: Single ISO, CUE/ISO, CUE/BIN (Single), CUE/BIN (Multiple), CCD/IMG
  • What is the biggest card I can use? How many games can I fit in the card?
    Fenrir supports any size card, as long as it's formatted as FAT32 with an MBR partition scheme. There is currently a hard limit of 300 folders in each card, which makes a 256GB card the sweet spot if you want to fit as many games as possible.
    We have tested SanDisk and Samsung microSD cards without issues, but all microSD cards should work. If you do find a particular brand that doesn't, please let us know by sending an email.


  • I received my Fenrir, but the console won't boot (no boot animation)
    This is usually caused by improperly connecting the ribbon cable. Please make sure you have followed the instructions on how to connect it and that it's not upside-down. You can see more detailed instructions on this page. Also, please make sure you have plugged in an SD card which has been properly prepared with FAT32, the Fenrir Loader, and some games.

  • The console shows the boot animation, but instead of going inside the Loader it lands to the Bios screen
    This is a fairly common issue, and it involves the ribbon cable of your console. In some cases, the ribbon cable may have some slight corrosion, or may be damaged. It may still work with your CD-ROM drive, but as Fenrir is more susceptible to interference, it may affect its performance. If you find that cleaning the ribbon cable contacts with isopropyl alcohol doesn't help, it means that the cable won't work with Fenrir.

    As of batch no. 4, we started including a brand new ribbon cable with our Fenrir kits for free. If you purchased Fenrir from batches 1-3 and you have the issues mentioned above, please contact us at hello@8bitmods.com, and we'll ship a replacement ribbon cable to you.

  • The console boots into Fenrir inconsistently, or when I play games, I have video glitching issues all the time
    Please see the previous answer.

  • I was playing a game and it crashed, or it's stuck loading
    If your game is listed as compatible in our Redump compatibility list, and you are trying a redump image, please let us know how to reproduce this with as much detail as possible via an email, and we'll work on improving compatibility with it.

  • There is no blue light on my Fenrir
    Make sure you have connected the power supply to Fenrir. This is a white connector that was originally attached to the CD-ROM drive, that has four holes. If it is, make sure the console has power.
    If you are certain you have done the above, please contact us, as your Fenrir may be faulty.

  • What should I do with the drive lid connector that I disconnected from the original drive?
    The drive lid detection cable is not needed by Fenrir, as it directly controls the lid signal internally. Please take some electric or capton tape, and stick it to a safe place on the top lid, where it can't make contact with anything. You should cover the actual connector with tape, too.
  • I try to launch a game with an Action Replay or Pseudo Kai cartridge and all I see is a black screen
    Please make sure you have flashed the latest dev firmware and you have the latest Fenrir Loader in your sd card.
    The games should be launched with the "C" button instead of "A". See the instructions below.
  • How can I use cheats with Action Replay and Fenrir?
    At the moment, in order to use cheats, you need to follow this process:
    - Once the console boots in the Action Replay menu, launch the disc without selecting a game.
    - You will land in Fenrir Loader. Choose your game and press the "C" button on your controller
    - You will end up in Action Replay again.
    - Now you can select your game and cheats in Action Replay.
    - Launch the game via Action Replay. The game will boot directly, and cheats will be enabled.

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